Indian Camp by the Elbe River: A Memorable Experience of Staying in a Traditional Teepee on the River Bank

Welcome to our Indian Camp on the banks of the Elbe River, offering you extraordinary experiences of staying in traditional Indian teepees. These teepees provide comfortable accommodation while immersing you in the atmosphere of ancient times when people lived in harmony with nature. Our teepees are precisely designed according to Indian traditions, featuring a round shape with a conical roof and a specially crafted entrance.

These teepees are highly comfortable. The central fire heating keeps the interior warm even during chilly nights, and our tall and comfortable mattresses ensure a high level of comfort and rest every night. Come and see for yourself, and enjoy an unforgettable stay in our teepees at Teepee Camp Lounky.

If you prefer staying in your own tent or caravan, our camp also offers camping spots with beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Moreover, our camping sites are adequately spaced to provide a peaceful and private environment for your stay.

For your convenience, there is a building with shared facilities, including a kitchenette, dining area, shower, and flush toilet. The camp also features a fire pit where you can prepare your own meals and spend evenings by the fire under the starry sky.

Located on the banks of the beautiful Elbe River, the camp allows you not only to relax in a tranquil and pleasant natural setting but also to engage in water sports such as canoeing and fishing. Nearby, there is a popular cycling path from Prague to Hamburg, offering pleasant bike rides and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Come and enjoy unforgettable experiences during your stay at our Indian Camp by the Elbe River, where comfortable accommodation, beautiful nature, and opportunities for active relaxation come together.