Accommodation Price List 

The listed prices are per one night, valid for the 2024 season.

The accommodation prices include access to shared facilities with amenities such as toilets, showers, a kitchenette, and a common room.

Accommodation in Teepees

Each teepee is heated by a fire pit and equipped with four fully furnished beds. The bed arrangement is flexible, allowing for the choice of a double bed or separate beds.



15€ /Person

Accommodation in your own tent

In the camp, we offer several spaces for setting up your own tent. The fee is charged per individual person.






Accommodation in your own caravan

We offer the option to replenish drinking water and provide a chemical toilet disposal facility. Additionally, for an additional fee of 50,- per night, we can arrange an electrical connection for your caravan.

A separate fee will be charged for each individual person utilizing the shared facilities.






Service Price List 

However, accommodation is not the end of it. To ensure that you can fully enjoy your time spent in our camp, we offer additional services that you can take advantage of to enhance your stay.


We would be delighted to prepare a cold breakfast served at the time of your choice. 

We are happy to tailor the diet selection to your taste buds upon prior arrangement.



Borrowing a precharged camping light with a power bank

Just like the Native Americans did not use electricity, you won't find any power outlets in our teepees. However, there's no need to worry! If you need it, you can borrow a flashlight from us, which will not only brighten up the dark nights but also reliably charge your devices such as mobile phones for the entire next day. 




Whether you want to roast sausages, enjoy the authentic campfire atmosphere, or simply gaze at the flames dancing towards the starry sky, don't hesitate to borrow our large fire pit. The price includes firewood for ignition, fire starters, skewers for sausages, and any necessary assistance or handling of the fire pit.



Borrowing barbecue equipment

Borrow our grill and everything you need to enjoy a proper barbecue with a tranquil Native American atmosphere.

The price includes the rental of barbecue equipment, utensils, firewood for ignition, and a load of charcoal for an evening of grilling. Assistance and handling, if needed, are also provided.

Food can be purchased separately only by prior arrangement.



Borrowing a canoe

Experience how to paddle against the current of the most water-rich river in our country and borrow a canoe from us.